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Correct Dress Sense - Lifestyle Articles - Love Ambassadors Ministries


by Ayo Harmony

You go shopping in the mall on a sunny Saturday afternoon feeling really good and confident in your t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, which took you half an hour to put together. Then someone walks up to you with a smile beaming all over his face and says 'Nice Outfit!' Hmmm! Imagine the feeling of ecstasy and importance you would feel as he says those words.

But just before you recover from your blush to say 'Thank you,' he adds, 'but you got the colours all wrong.' Argh!!

Sounds annoying, right? But, it shouldn't.

Why? Before you get all defensive about your attire, dress style and colour combinations, you may want you ask where you got it wrong. This might save you from joining the hall of fame of fashion faux pas offenders! You might want to get some good dress sense.

In recent times style has evolved to be more of a personal thing when it comes to fashion. Nevertheless, certain styles are still generally unacceptable. This mostly applies to being overly dressed or under-dressed especially for a particular occasion or when you wear a cloth that is indecent according to sane societal values.

You may think it is impossible to be 'personal' with your style and look acceptable to everyone on every occasion but that is not true. Staying stylish and faux-pas-free is not difficult especially if you really desire to communicate the right message about your character through your dressing. All you need to do is give attention to bits of normally overlooked details that are generally considered faux pas and you can never be wrong. Here are some of them:

WRINKLED CLOTHES: Looking like you slept in your clothes is not a fashion fad. Taking a few minutes to iron your clothes and hang them will help you step out looking like someone with style especially if it is a dress you have worn before. If you find this difficult to do by yourself leave it to professional dry cleaners to save you the trouble of washing, starching and ironing. All you'd do is part with some money for the convenience and then hang them in your closet.

WEARING TOO MANY FABRICS: For most people fabric exists in a certain 'class'. Silk and cotton fabric are generally considered as more formal than denim. Leather will always be regarded as a fabric for the masculine gender. Whatever the popular opinion is, you can avoid having your fabrics mismatched by keeping your fabric for each season separate. Fabric for summer are usually single layered and lighter than that for spring.

WEARING TOO MANY PATTERNS: To make a safe bet when it comes to patterns it is better to match a patterned dress with a solid colour. Wearing a striped shirt on a striped skirt destroys aesthetics. Your height and size is also an important factor when making choice of patterned dress to wear. Find the patterns that suit you best and stick to it.

WEARING STAINED DRESSES: Make it a point to examine your dresses thoroughly after washing, before wearing and after wearing. Walking about in a stained dress is a faux pas and can be very embarrassing.

WEARING DRESSING FOR THE WRONG SEASON: Sweaters and leather booths look completely out of place during summer. Learn to identify which dress fits each season.

WEARING TOO LONG OR SHORT PANTS: It's important to try on pants trousers before buying them. Khaki and dress pants should end at the tip of your shoe heel. Jeans can be worn to the bottom of the heel or any length so desired. Anything longer is too long. Pants should not reveal your socks when you walk and when you sit. They should not expose more than a couple inches of socks.

WEARING T-SHIRTS THAT ARE TOO LONG OR SHORT: Tucking in long t-shirts in your pants is a huge no-no! T-shirts should end about midway down your fly. Anything longer than that is too long and anything shorter than that is too short; and will show a lot of skin when you bend over. This isn't proper especially for the female folk.

WEARING TOO MANY COLOURS: Even in this fashion era of 'colour blocks,' an end scale exist as regards combination of colours. Limit each of your outfits to just three colours and the shade of these colours should be carefully selected. Avoid matching pale clothes with pale shoes or overly bright dresses with too many accessories of the same colour shade.

WEARING NECK TIES THAT HANG AWKWARDLY: Ties should reach the top of your belt buckle and have a dimple in the centre of their knot. The best way to keep this dimple in place is to fix your index finger on the right area of the tie as you tighten the tie.

Asking for the opinions of others who are knowledgeable in terms of fashion after you are dressed for an occasion can also help you pinpoint details that you may have left out.