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Colour and Character: What Your Colour Choice Says About Your Character - Lifestyle Articles - Love Ambassadors Ministries

What Your Colour Choice Says About Your Character

by Pastor Andrew Okwe

Whether it’s a job interview, a business meeting, a party or just a regular outing, you need to ensure that what your colour choice is really saying is what you really mean to say.

Do you know that your colour choice has a voice? Yes, it does speak volumes about your character. Your colour choice speaks and communicates certain hidden signals to people around you.

You have heard the saying, 'we are what we wear.' No matter how much people try not to use stereotype as the basis of judging others, we will always be judged by our clothes. What we wear especially when we meet a person for the first time can create a lasting impression in the mind of an acquaintance, an impression that could make or mar a relationship that has not even begun.

Apart from the style and appropriate nature of your clothes, you’ve got to realize that colours can also influence the way we are perceive by others.

Based on the findings of experts in decoding the hidden signals the colour of our clothes send out using everyday scenarios and randomly selected individuals, here is a look at what you are really saying with your colour choice.


Black can be seen as unapproachable. A person who wears black often is often seen as solitary. However if you wear it correctly, it can also “communicate glamour, sophistication and exclusivity.” This is according to branding expert Karen Haller. In the event of a business meeting or a job interview a person who wears black is most often taken more seriously than others. This colour is a strong indicator of leadership potentials in a person.


Red conveys passion and power and is the best colour to wear when you’re trying to persuade and impress someone. Confidence and dominance are often associated with the colour red. It is also linked to excitement, energy, vivaciousness and courage. People who wear red often are seen as bold and ready to take on the world. They are built for challenges.


Blue inspired confidence and trust. It also presents you as a 'people person'. A person dressed in navy blue is seen as firm, disciplined and assertive yet approachable and good humoured. The colour blue is a great for work-related activities (interviews, seminars, etc) as well as formal and semi-formal dinners especially when meeting a person for the first time. It is a great choice for semi-formal social gatherings too.


These louder colours communicate that you are fun and attract attention, but they don’t necessarily elicit feelings of trust or commitment. These colours if worn wrongly may depict you as unreliable, unstable and unserious. It is best to avoid these colours in very formal or official gatherings. If you must wear them, it is advised that you tone down the outfit with more conservative colours.


Studies have shown that most people associated the colour white with tidiness. Metaphorically, wearing white presents you as an organized person; a person who takes the word neatness to a whole new level. White also sets you off as a person who believes in strict orderliness in everyday life. However, white may sometimes symbolize lack of self-confidence as the wearer is seen as being self-conscious very often.


Wearing gray communicates independence or isolation. A person who often goes for grey tones is seen as a deep thinker, solitary in nature. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing as long as this is combined with a healthy dose of self-confidence. Since gray is somewhat of a lonely colour, this may say to others that you’re very much an individual who is self-sufficient and capable of thinking on your own.


This earthly colour means warmth, safety, reliability and dependability. Several researches conducted on the colour brown has shown that most people, whose job depends on the total trust of their clients on them, incorporate the colour brown in their wardrobe. In the business world, people who wear brown are believed to apply an element of subtlety to whatever they do but they will always get the job done.

In conclusion, conservative colours, such as black, blue, gray and brown, seem to be the safest bet when meeting someone for the first time in a professional setting, whereas colours that signal more creativity, like orange are best for less formal activities. In the end, it’s all about picking what best suits the occasion and what best represents the inner you.