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Generating Quality Ideas - Lifestyle Articles - Love Ambassadors Ministries


by Pastor Andrew Okwe

In this special article we will be looking into some of the skills that guarantee success in your business and consequently finances. When business is run with the sole aim of profit, with focus, persistence and patience, success is guaranteed.

However some folks work really 'hard' day in day out. They have good intentions of making profit; they spell out their goals and are determined. At the end of the day some achieve their goals but for many they get little profit from their business ventures. This results in frustration and sometimes the business folding up. This is sad!

By research we have discovered that this is attributed to the lack of creativity. One of the key factors that guarantee success in business is the quality of creativity that you input into your business. You must be able to create a Unique Selling Point for your business and also your career- why clients will leave other options to patronise your business.

The objective of creativity is to generate ideas that will guarantee business profit. It is through wisdom that wealth is created. Financial wealth is the offspring of wisdom (Eccl 10:10).

But in Eccl 9:14-15 the Bible describes a man who was wise yet was poor. This is because wealth and success does not come from just what you know and the principles you apply; rather what enables you to create wealth through wisdom is the quality of ideas you generate to apply what you know effectively. This is what I call CREATIVE WISDOM!

Here are three strategic skills or arts to generate creative ideas that will help you get ahead profitably.


    In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. Isaiah 30: 15

    Learn to sit still for hours and quieten your soul in order to generate creative ideas. When you quieten your mind from the noise of both the outward and internal environment in order to think deeply, you will generate creative ideas that can forge your business and career forward.

    Actualising any dream requires mastering the art of quietness. Time spent in quietness to generate creative ideas is time well invested. You see, successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally. To master the art of quietness, set out a particular time of the day (preferably in the morning before you begin your activities for the day or any other time when your mind will be at ease) and be quiet. Jesus strictly taught to sit down and count the cost first before embarking on any project or venture (Luke 14: 28-32). The worst mistakes in life are mistakes people make when they do not give a thorough thought before making decisions. [Esau: Reference- Gen 25: 29-34]. Through the art of quietness, your mind can generate ideas from the existing information that you have fed it with over the time.


    And Isaac went out to meditate in the field at the eventide. Genesis 24: 63

    Meditation is the ability to generate and coordinate productive thoughts, ideas and concepts towards a predetermined goal. To meditate effectively you must learn to be quiet first. Most people use the time they should use in thinking and strategising to worry about things that are not working in their business or career (Luke 12: 25-28).

    Also for meditation to produce quality ideas, it must be done strategically. Your aim in meditation should be to search out a way out of your present level to the next level. It should not be a once in a life time activity. Have a structured time for thinking and learn to stay there until you see a way out. Don't just waste time thinking, but think with an objective: to come out with a workable result and idea. If things will change, time must be devoted and spent in meditating on the right things only.

    Time is your greatest asset in the school of creativity. Always remember that great ideas don't come from shallow meditation. They are hidden treasures and hidden riches. You must search them out. This is what guarantees business success and consistent growth in profit.


    In the first year of his reign Daniel understood by books. Daniel 9:2

    By reading and studying others who are successful in your line of business or career you gain access to powerful ideas you may never generate on your own.

    Engaging the art of exposure puts you light years ahead of your competitors. Successful people are successful because they advance on the ideas of those who have gone ahead of them. You must learn to add to the ideas you have generated by quietness and meditation by exposing your mind to further ideas. Wonderful ideas are sometimes just the modification of already existing ideas.

    Some people spend five years of their lives to learn and experience what should have taken only five days to learn from a book. Reading and studying the biographies of great and successful businesses can transform your business and life. To gain access to wisdom and ideas through exposure requires humility.

In conclusion, remember that the level to which you engage your mind determines the quality of creative ideas you generate. The quality of ideas you generate determines the quality of products and services you offer. The quality of products and services you offer determines how much people will be willing to pay for them. How much they are willing to pay for your goods and services determines your business profit. Then if business is all about profit (and it is) by engaging these three skills of generating creative ideas you are guaranteed of profit in your business and career.