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Living Your Dreams - Lifestyle Articles - Love Ambassadors Ministries


by Pastor Andrew Okwe

Dreams! Dreams!! Dreams!!! The very mention of the word provokes feelings of excitement in most of us because right from our childhood, our minds has been filled with the thoughts and imaginations of what we want to become when we grew older. Were you ever asked this question when you were much younger 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' Most of us will identify positively with that and the memory of all the beautiful things we envisioned becoming when we grew up.

For some the word may not really evoke feelings of enthusiasm or optimism because there may not have been a clear sense of mission for their lives or because right from their childhood what they would be in the future didn't seem pleasant due to apparent hindrances and obstacles. But the fact is, you have grown up now and what you will be from this moment onwards is up to you. That is why this word is coming to you now! No matter how bleak and dark your future seemed, if you will commit to the Holy Spirit He can make a beauty out of your life.

How will this happen? Through the power of dreaming! You see, every man on earth has a God-given capacity and also the right to create for himself the kind of life he desires. You have a will of your own and an imaginative ability which God intends for you to use in creating your own future. Your imagination and power to envision a preferred future is your major God-given ability to create what will happen in your life. You have an innate ability to dream!

Most times as each year begins, people set goals for themselves, in different areas of their lives. But sadly to say research has revealed that only a few (about six people out every ten thousand) eventually achieve their goals. This is largely due to the fact that somewhere along the line those dreams that were set out as goals for the year were sidelined.

People truly die only when they lose sight of the future. Have you ever met someone who told you, 'I tried that before, it doesn't work'? What happened was that the person lost faith in his dreams or he gave up. The death of a man's dream is the assignation of his future. The right to dream and the freedom to actualize ones dreams is equally shared by all men. This is why it very important for you to never sell your dream for another. Some lost their childhood dreams after a season of trying and failing. Some others quit trying and striving forward in life after a major crisis in their lives – maybe the demise of their sponsor or parent.

Also in several occasions we have seen this also happen – when someone in a position of influence over them tries to talk the person out of his dreams and replaces it with his own dreams. This robs the individual of the liberty to live a fulfilling and satisfying life. One can never be fulfilled in life without living out the original dreams of his heart. Your future is actually just the actualization of the dreams, hopes, thoughts, aspirations and imaginations of your heart concerning what will happen in your life in days, weeks and years to come.

It is the God-given right of all men to live out the dreams of their heart without being subjected to criticism. Your ability to see beyond your present state, to dream, is your ticket to a blissful life. Don't allow anyone to rob you of it. Exercise your freedom of responsible action to actualize your dreams.

Never allow anyone to kill what you are carrying. Your dream is your future! What was it that you always dreamt of becoming when you were much younger? Can you vividly remember it? It is the key to your fulfilment in life. I challenge you in the name of Jesus Christ to dream again.

If you had dreams that were not in line with God's word and will for your life, be quick to adjust. You will eventually become what you dream about.

You must strive for your dreams. Never let anyone talk you out of your dreams. Activate your dream machine; and dream again; rise up and live your dreams. I declare that your dreams are coming to pass and you are living a fulfilling and satisfying life, in Jesus name. Amen!