Faith Capsules - Audio Resources - Love Ambassadors Ministries
  • Faith comes by hearing and hearing
    by the Word of God. Rom 10:17
    Boost your faith through
    these anointed, faith-filled short audio clips
    of Pastor David Ifechukwu


All Teachings here are by Pastor David Ifechukwu, Senior Pastor, Love Ambassadors Ministries and are made available for free download and distribution. All rights of the ministry are reserved.

1Getting The Most From The Word02m:13s1.2MBDownload
2Prayer Over Firstfruit Offerings22m:44s5.6MBDownload
3Enforcing The Blessing04m:53s2.3MBDownload
4You're A Man of Grace06m:43s2.6MBDownload
5What It Means To Be Under Grace03m:42s1.6MBDownload
6The Secret of A Great Marriage05m:21s2.5MBDownload
7How To Have A Heaven-on-Earth Marriage05m:46s2.6MBDownload
8How To Raise Godly Children06m:01s2.7MBDownload
9Bless, Don't Curse Your Children03m:49s1.8MBDownload
10Receive And Enjoy Grace 06m:35s2.9MBDownload
11He Who Loves Know God06m:29s2.9MBDownload
12Love Is A Nature04m:52s2.3MBDownload
13Faith Is A Lifetime Commitment 06m:07s2.8MBDownload
14The Faith That Works 06m:53s3.1MBDownload
15Miss Phillips You Were Wrong 07m:06s3.2MBDownload
16Dealing With Guilt and Shame05m:55s2.7MBDownload
17Take Your Shield of Faith 07m:30s3.3MBDownload
18Praise Activates Angelic Activity 07m:08s3.2MBDownload
19Why You Are Being So Attacked 06m:34s2.9MBDownload
20Why Are You Being So Attacked?09m:05s4.0MBDownload
21Your Faith Is Your Ticket07m:19s3.3MBDownload
22Activating Your Birthing Season05m:35s2.6MBDownload
23Make Your Change Happen 04m:56s2.3MBDownload
24How To Get Pregnant With The Word 04m:15s2.0MBDownload
25What Faith Is!07m:54s3.5MBDownload
26Stir Up The Gift of God In You 04m:34s2.1MBDownload