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  • Man shall not live by bread alone,
    but by every word that proceedeth
    out of the mouth of God... Matt 4:4
    Feed your spirit man today
    with the Word of God!


BEING SPIRITUALLY MINDED by Pastor David Ifechukwu

In this series Pastor David Ifechukwu reveals that the real man is a spirit being. Every believer is meant to function from his spirit. Because that's where true victory comes from. Teaching further on how the spirit man is most effective when it is fed with the Word, Pastor exhorts believers to be spiritually minded knowing that their greatest potentials as new creations reside in their spirit not in their mind. Download these teachings and have a glorious time listening.

1Being Spiritually Minded 1m:sMBDownload
2Being Spiritually Minded 2m:sMBDownload
3Being Spiritually Minded 3m:sMBDownload
4Prayers and Declarationsm:sMBDownload

THE POWER OF THANKSGIVING by Pastor David Ifechukwu

One of the greatest revelations you can engage to change your circumstances in life is thanksgiving. Discover the power in thanksgiving through this teaching. True thanksgiving is a sacrifice. If it is not sacrificial, it is not thanksgiving. Learn how to offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving and see great results. You will also learn the three things true thanksgiving will do in your life when offered in faith. Discover what they are and get on your journey of unending success. Download these teachings and have a glorious time listening.

1The Purity and Power of True Thanksgivingm:sMBDownload
2The Sacrifice of Thanksgivingm:sMBDownload
3Three Things Thanksgiving Will Do For Youm:sMBDownload

THE TEN SYSTEMS OF SUCCESS by Pastor David Ifechukwu

1The System of Substance, Sight and Speaking36m:20s8.6MBDownload
2The System of Satisfaction and Sacrifice1h:01m:09s14.2MBDownload
3The System of Skill and Structure52m:47s12.3MBDownload
4The System of Support34m:06s8.1MBDownload
5The System of Speed18m:20s4.5MBDownload
6The System of Succession39m:26s9.5MBDownload

UNLEASHED CONFERENCE 2016 by Pastor David Ifechukwu

1Unleashed Day 1A1h:13m:51s17.1MBDownload
2Unleashed Day 2A51m:31s12.0MBDownload
3Unleashed Day 2B1h:08m:53s16.0MBDownload
4Unleashed Day 3A41m:42s9.9MBDownload
5Unleashed Day 3B58m:20s13.6MBDownload
6Unleashed Day 4A2h:40m:25s36.9MBDownload

VISION RENEWAL CONFERENCE 2016 by Pastor David Ifechukwu

2Reaching Forward1h:41m:49s23.5MBDownload
3Setting Your Goals and Vision2h:00m:14s27.7MBDownload
4Fixing Your Heart On The Lord52m:53s12.3MBDownload
5Four Keys To Setting Anointed Goals42m:42s10.0MBDownload
6Thirst For The Anointing I20m:50s5.0MBDownload
7Thirst For The Anointing II2h:14m:10s30.9MBDownload

THE TEN TRAPS OF STAGNATION by Pastor David Ifechukwu

1The Trap of Traditionm:sMBDownload
2The Trap of Excusesm:sMBDownload
3The Trap of Idolising A Sourcem:sMBDownload
4The Trap of The Massesm:sMBDownload
5The Trap of Fearm:sMBDownload
6The Trap of Capacitym:sMBDownload
7The Trap of Myths and Magicm:sMBDownload

THE ASSURANCE OF THE HARVEST by Pastor David Ifechukwu

1The Assurance of the Harvest 142m:52s10.3MBDownload
2The Assurance of the Harvest 230m:49s7.5MBDownload
3The Assurance of the Harvest 353m:48s12.9MBDownload

HAVING VICTORY OVER TRAILS by Pastor David Ifechukwu

1Praise Your Way Through Trials42m:16s9.7MBDownload
2How To Have Victory Over Trials I42m:23s9.7MBDownload
3How To Have Victory Over Trials II30m:13s7.0MBDownload


1Five Realities of Christ's Resurrection I1h:03m:08s14.4MBDownload
2Five Realities of Christ's Resurrection II49m:14s11.2MBDownload
3Five Realities of Christ's Resurrection III40m:09s9.2MBDownload
4Five Realities of Christ's Resurrection IV43m:31s10.0MBDownload

THE WISDOM OF WEALTH by Pastor David Ifechukwu

1The Wisdom of Wealth I41m:08s9.5MBDownload
2The Wisdom of Wealth II43m:11s9.9MBDownload
3The Wisdom of Wealth III38m:02s8.7MBDownload
4The Wisdom of Wealth IV1h:00m:59s13.9MBDownload


1Factors That Affect Your Harvest I37m:34s9.0MBDownload
2Factors That Affect Your Harvest II22m:26s5.4MBDownload
3Factors That Affect Your Harvest III1h:02m:36s14.5MBDownload
4Factors That Affect Your Harvest IV52m:57s12.3MBDownload
5Factors That Affect Your Harvest V1h:22m:56s19.2MBDownload

YOUR DREAMS AND YOUR SUCCESS by Pastor David Ifechukwu

1Your Dreams Determine Your Destiny44m:03s10.0MBDownload
2Factors That Affect Your Dreams I43m:03s9.9MBDownload
3Factors That Affect Your Dreams II1h:12m:27s16.5MBDownload
4Factors That Affect Your Dreams III45m:36s10.4MBDownload
5Factors That Affect Your Dreams IV54m:15s12.4MBDownload

EXTREME PHOTIZO 2017 by Pastor David Ifechukwu

1The Seven Spirits of God I59m:35s14.2MBDownload
2The Seven Spirits of God II48m:33s11.6MBDownload
3The Power of The Anointing I34m:33s8.4MBDownload
4The Power of The Anointing II46m:13s11.1MBDownload
5The Power of The Anointing III45m:31s10.9MBDownload
6The Power of The Anointing IV1h:09m:09s16.4MBDownload
7The Power of The Anointing V1h:02m:42s14.9MBDownload
8The Power of The Anointing VI1h:21m:56s19.4MBDownload


1Take The Lead I1h:45m:30s25.0MBDownload
2School of Money1h:05m:09s15.5MBDownload
3Success Extraordinaire1h:17m:59s18.5MBDownload
4Take The Lead II1h:37m:47s23.1MBDownload
5Love Wahala1h:06m:55s15.9MBDownload
6The Protocols of Order2h:22m:36s33.6MBDownload
7Super Shining Sunday I32m:30s7.8MBDownload
8Super Shining Sunday II10m:46s2.8MBDownload

FOUR WAYS TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS by Pastor David Ifechukwu

1Four Ways To Achieve Success1h:48m:45s25.4MBDownload
2Achieving Success God's Way I1h:15m:44s17.7MBDownload
3Achieving Success God's Way II49m:49s11.6MBDownload
4Knowing The Holy Spirit58m:55s13.8MBDownload

BECOMING A FINANCIAL SIGN by Pastor David Ifechukwu

1Becoming A Financial Sign I1h:20m:32s18.8MBDownload
2Becoming A Financial Sign II4m:30s1.03MBDownload
3Becoming A Financial Sign III1h:10m:16s16.4MBDownload
4Becoming A Financial Sign IV15m:04s3.5MBDownload